Cell phone screen repair

Cell phone display broken - help from the cell phone manufacturer

All it takes is a little carelessness for the smartphone to slip out of your hand or pocket and land on the display . The second shock follows the first, because the cell phone display is cracked. Now good advice is expensive, because after all you are dependent on your smartphone and don't want to be without it. In many cases you can still make calls and use your smartphone even with a broken cell phone display , but that's not nice. In addition to the broken display , other things could be defective. If you don't want to buy a new device straight away, a display repair is the means to an end - and, especially for new devices, the cheaper option. We at Handyschmiede have years of experience and offer quick and affordable cell phone repairs .

Display repair – this will make your smartphone look like new

A smartphone should not only be functional, it should also look good. It is clear that a cell phone will wear out over time, but if major damage occurs, such as a break in the cell phone display, you should act quickly. Simply because as a layperson you cannot say whether something is broken. So you may be risking total failure, and that doesn't have to be the case. We at Handschmiede take care of your smartphone and repair the display quickly and cheaply. After just a short time, your cell phone will be like new again.

Cell phone repair – we are the professionals

We have specialized in cell phone repairs for many years and know how we can help you quickly and easily. No matter whether the cell phone display is cracked, whether you need a new battery, whether the home button needs to be replaced or the cell phone camera no longer works. As a competent service provider based in Saarland, we take care of broken smartphones throughout Germany. Bring your cell phone directly to us or use the free mailing service. We at Handyschmiede also repair your cell phone.

Send in your smartphone for free!

With the submission service you can also enjoy our advantages from a distance.

Simply fill out the -DHL shipment label field and receive a completed shipment label by email

You print this out, pack your defective device securely in a package and stick on the printed shipment label.

Please also print out our repair order, fill it out and include it in the package.