Lifetime guarantee

How does the lifetime guarantee work?
If you are unsure whether the damage is covered by the lifetime warranty, please contact our customer service. We will endeavor to find a solution together and as quickly as possible.
  • Excluded from the Lifetime Guarantee: Please note that the Lifetime Guarantee only applies if the problems that arise can be traced back to the repair process we carried out. Of course, the guarantee also applies to all material defects. It should be noted that the affected parts were installed by us. Repairs not covered by the lifetime warranty: This applies to data recovery, soldering repairs and liquid damage repairs. Subsequent damages that are also excluded from the guarantee are: effects of external force, dirt, pressure, your own repair attempts, liquids, consequences of a jailbreak, heat effects, force majeure, repairs by third parties, damage caused by accessories, software problems, falls of all kinds, self-inflicted damage of any kind, incompatibilities due to changes by the manufacturer (e.g. software updates), wear and tear (e.g. rechargeable batteries).

  • Important additional information: For orders from March 1st, 2021 we offer our lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately, repairs made before this date will not be eligible for the lifetime warranty. Of course, the statutory warranty is not affected by the lifelong guarantee. The warranty claim can only be asserted directly with us. Unfortunately, reimbursements for third-party repair costs are not possible. Does the Handyschmiede-saar guarantee apply in the event of water damage? The guarantee is definitely void. Moisture indicators are distributed in almost every current cell phone that mercilessly show when water has penetrated the device. After opening electrical devices, they lose their waterproofness. Only the manufacturer can guarantee this. Therefore, our guarantee does not apply if you go swimming or swimming with your smartphone - the same applies of course to all electrical devices such as Playstation, watch, tablet, laptop. After the repair, all devices are splash-proof but not waterproof!
  • Delivery of devices that are in factory settings. If you hand over a device that is in the factory settings and we carry out a repair, we cannot carry out a functional test before and after the repair and therefore cannot give you a guarantee on individual components. But only on the component we changed.